How do we create content?

Hello. I’m still new to using the site, and have tried searching for ‘create content’ but that didn’t yield any results. Can members create new content? How do we do this? Is there any page with instructions about this please?

I’d love to create content. I struggle with using this site e.g. I clicked on something to do with lessons and I think I opened a lesson. There were all these words in blue. I tried to get out of it, and somehow I now have 19 words or something, next the UK flag on my profile. :smiley:

Anyway, sorry to be so daft, but can anyone tell me if we can create new content, and also, how do we actually do this? How do we upload it? Do we get points for it?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

To create content: click the Lessons link in the blue bar at the top of the page, then Import Lesson on the right of the next page. Put in the title, text etc, and if you have the corresponding audio, you can optionally attach it on the left side of the page. Once you’ve saved your import, you need to switch the privacy settings from ‘Private’ to ‘Shared’ from the dropdown menu below the lesson if you want everyone to be able to see it. Good luck!