How do people get both video and audio when importing videos from Youtube? I only get the video. What am I doing wrong?

after importing the lesson, go to the edit lesson tab and click add audio. If you download the audio specifically through a downloader or other means you can attach it to the lesson.


The imported audio of others’ YouTube videos is a relic of a previous function of LingQ. As of maybe or a month or so, LingQ has removed the function to download the .mp3 from YouTube, because they realised it was against YouTube’s Terms of Service. Being against YouTube’s Terms of Service is not illegal, but they do not want to be reported to, and risk being banned from, the Android App Store and the iOS App Store for doing so.

As @roosterburton mentioned, you can use a third party software to download the .mp3 yourself, then upload it into each LingQ lessons manually.


more specifically, just search for “youtube to mp3” in your favorite search engine and there are tons of online websites where you simply copy the youtube url and it will convert to an mp3 that you download, and then you can upload that.


Has anyone used the iPhone app to Import an audio file and have it Whisper transcribed? Or, just uploaded an audio file?

In my app, the Import function is looking for text or a URL of text, not the URL of an MP3.

I am able to do it, in theory, using the Safari browser on the iPhone but when I try that, it just spirals and never finishes (MP3 not big, normally only 5 or 6 minutes audio). When I try it on my Mac laptop it works fine. But, I’m not near a regular computer often, especially with all the travel I do.

On the app, I tried uploading a short text and then seeing if there was some way to add an audio file, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it.

One would think that the iPhone app or iPad app would have the most functionality–Be able to upload URL, text, OR audio especially since listening is so important. And, yes, the original audio is important. I don’t want to upload text and just have a computer voice generated audio.


  1. No way to upload Audio using iPhone app
  2. iPhone Safari mini browser is a workaround but just loops when uploading audio, never finishes
  3. Upload Audio using Laptop works
  4. Since we live in a mobile society, Why isn’t iPhone App or Android App prioritized to have the most functionality? Why do I have to go to a laptop or desktop form factor to get import Audio to work?

I like I can imort mp4 now!

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