How do Japanese People Use Tetubin

Hello to everyone that will read this thread.
I’ve recently received a tetsubin/cast iron teapot, and I wonder how Japanese people use them. I’ve watched a couple of videos where some people boil water in a kettle and brew/infuse tea in the tetsubin, some boil water in the tetsubin and brew/infuse tea in another teapot, and lastly, I’ve seen some use a tea candle to boil the tetsubin and brew/infuse in the same tetsubin.
Here is my question," Is there multiple was to use a tetsubin or does it depend whether tetsubin it looks more like a kettle or like a teapot?".

An iron kettle(鉄瓶, te-tu-bi-n) is used to boil water. I don’t know any more than this. It appears that maintenance is not easy.

Hello Yutaka and thank you for answering my thread. I had misspelled tetsubin in the name of this thread. On YouTube I’ve seen Japanese People Use it as a kettle and people in western world use it as a teapot.

This guy in the video uses the tetsubin as a teapot. He uses a tea candle to keep the tea warm for a longer time.

Hi Ozzy

Japanese people use a tetsubin as a teapot and as a kettle. Japanese use it for both purposes.

However, most Japanese may not have it, or even if they have it, they may not use it much times.
There is a tetsubin in my house. But, It may not have been used for two years or longer.

The reason why we don’t use it usually is that it is very heavy and it gets too hot to touch with a naked hand when it was used to boil water.

But then, I like it.
It looks cool and is appropriate for an interior accessory.

Thank you very much for reading and answering to my thread, I deeply appreciate your help.

My tetsubin is enameled in the inside to keep the hot for a longer period of time. I only prepare tea in my tetsubin.

You’re right about the tetsubin being a little bit heavy and hot to the touch. However I’ve gotten used to its weight and, when it was cold, I loved to cozy up to my tetsubin for warmth. I use my shirt sleeves to touch the sides when it is still extremely hot.

As for using tetsubins as decor, I would agree. They look fascinating. They do sure add a bit classiness to the room.

I wonder. What teas do you like to drink? I read that Japan loves to drink a lot of green tea.

I always drink coffee without tetsubin.
I like green tea though.

I think there are less opportunities to drink green tea than to drink coffee or tea in Japan, while most Japanese may like green tea as you know.

For example, when we Japanese go to coffee shops like Starbucks or Tully’s Coffee, we drink coffee or tea. Because they have no green tea.

In Japan, there are a lot of coffee shops, but there are few green tea shops. Green tea shops providing traditional Japanese sweets called Wagashi including Dango, Manju, Anmitsu, and so forth, are only existing in famous sightseeing areas such as Kyoto, Asakusa, and so on.

We Japanese want to drink green tea with traditional Japanese foods like Sushi, Wagashi, and so on.
We don’t want to drink coffee with them.

Incidentally, we don’t drink green tea with Ramen.
We drink water or beer with it.
Not to mention, we don’t drink coffee with Ramen.

Does it make sense?