How do I upload Youtube Audio?

If I’m not wrong, when we upload a Youtube video with subtitles the audio doesn’t get uploaded.

I’d like to use some Youtube video in the playlist for listening to it but for that I guess I need to upload the audio as well together with the video?

What’s the best and fast way to do it? As convertion tools and exact audio format to upload it?
(edit: resolved)


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Website for youtube to mp3

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This is what I use too when I need to.

It looks like this site is blocked here. But a part from that, can you upload any mp3 directly from the computer? Because I tried weeks ago but it didn’t work.

I use this site to convert from m4a to mp3
then I go to „Import Lesson“ and „upload audio“ or if I want to add audio to an already existing Lesson I go to „edit lesson“ and then upload the mp3

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yes, you should be able to load any mp3. I’m not sure why you would have an issue…is it particularly long? That would be the only thing I can think of that it might have a limit on length of the audio.

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I have to try this again soon so I can verify if there is a problem somewhere when I try to upload a file audio. It was giving me always a sort of false path in the url. Maybe I was doing something wrong. I’ll be sure the file is mp3 too.

It does say something like “fake path” or “false path”…just click “save” on the lesson and it will save the whole lesson plus upload the video. If you hadn’t done the “save” yet on the lesson then it hasn’t attempted to upload anything yet.

An alternative to using a third-party site to pull the MP3 from the video is to first use a browser extension to download the video, and then use Audacity to extract the audio from the video. This might be a little more complicated, but some people may prefer it. There are several browser extensions available that download videos from many sites, including YT. Audacity is a free, full-featured audio editor. You don’t need to understand m/any of its features other than export to MP3.

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There are some browser extensions. I’ve got one on Chrome called “Chrome Audio Capture”. You can go to a web page where there is video…start the record button, start the video or sound, then stop when it’s all done. This is great for non youtube video/audo in particular that LingQ extension doesn’t work with yet. Of course, you’d need the transcript for those for purposes of a lingq lesson. There’s a couple of sites I’v gotten articles from where there’s an associated audio/video that is verbatim (or near verbatim) what’s in the article. That’s where I’ve found the most use for this.

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Use a vpn to get around the block?

Not necessary thanks, there are always other websites that do the same.

Anyway, I was able to upload it today, it didn’t give me any error. Maybe I didn’t have the files in mp3 before. It doesn’t matter if it works now.

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Interesting converter thanks, just bookmarked it.

Thanks Khardy, I’ll take it in consideration. It seems to work now and I could upload using mp3. I guess a simple website would be easier than tweaking with Audacity. If the website convert directly in mp3 and there aren’t too many ads to skip, it would be quicker. I guess.

Great information!

I think everything is working great now; I just uploaded my first YT lesson today.

I selected closed captioning for Japanese before I copied the URL. Then I just pasted the URL into a new LingQ Import file and selected a title.

At first, all that copied over was the Japanese transcript. And I was fine with that because that’s all I needed.

When I re-opened the lesson later today, I noticed that the audio ended up copying over as well.
Not only that, but, in sentence mode, I wasn’t hearing Google TTS–the correct portion of the actual native content was playing instead!

I’ve worked through several Japanese lessons on LingQ that had the audio matched up with sentence mode, and I loved it. And I thought, wow, this author must’ve put in some work to make this happen. I hope more people open this lesson so the author gets rewarded with LingQ points.

Little did I know it was as easy as copying and pasting a URL!

I heard that the actual lesson audio snippet (instead of TTS) will be played for every lesson in sentence mode in the new version of LingQ. I hope so, because it’s an excellent feature.

When you upload a YouTube video to LingQ The audio is also automatically uploaded with the video.
Provided the video has auto generated text in the language you are studying.
When you add the you tube lesson to your playlist you can listen to the audio.
There is no need to copy the audio separately in order to hear the audio in your playlist.

If for some reason you want to separate the audio then you can go up to the play icon at the top of the page and click on the little download arrow beside the play icon which saves the audio to your download folder of your computer.

YouTube adds video files, but you can also add an audio file. You need to convert it into a video file and add an image instead of video content.

I didn’t know that. Thanks!

I use free to convert from m4a to mp3

then I go to „Import Lesson“ and „upload audio“ or if I want to add audio to an already existing Lesson I go to „edit lesson“ and then upload the mp3