How do I upgrade?

Ive been trying to buy premium all day but it doesnt work. It leads me to the upgrade confirmation screen (thats what i think it is, it says “Thank you and enjoy LingQ!”), but doesnt upgrade; the “get premium” thing is still in the corner, my tier is listed as free, and i didnt get a payment confirmation on either the paypal app or my emails or on the “bills” screen in my LingQ settings

What i did:
-went on “get premium”
-selected paypal as a payment option
-got redirected to paypal, entered my information, confirmed the payment, and got redirected back to LingQ
-lingq first leads me back to the previous screen, then to the upgrade confirmation screen. But it doesn’t upgrade.

Tried it on 4 different devices in 2 different networks

Did anyone else have this problem, and if yes, what helped?

Edit: since nothing worked, I now also tried creating an entirely new account and trying to buy premium with that. Didn’t work either.

I am very sorry to hear that! Can you please reach us via email ( ) and we will look deeper into it for you?