How do I transfer points?

How do I go about transferring points to another LingQ member?

I visited my Points page and could not find a transfer function. All I was able to discover was that I had been robbed of 2244 points in the past because of LingQ’s reprehensible policy of stealing points which have not been spent within 90 days, regardless of whether you paid for them or earned them. (I certainly would never pay for them under such a policy.) Amazing how they justify this policy by calling it ‘hoarding’ if you don’t spend the points you earned or paid for within 90 days! I can’t wait to see my next 218 points be taken away if I don’t spend them by July 13! How exciting! (You would not believe the accounting I had to do in order to even come up with this 218 figure.)

I tried doing a search for ‘points transfer’ on the Forum, but I could not find any instructions for transferring points.

Go to profile, see Gift Points under the Avatar on the right side

Giving away the points to people on LingQ who have helped you or you respect … great idea. Lemons into lemonade.

Spatterson and Julia,
I see those features (Give Rose and Gift Points) on your profile pages, but they do not appear on mine. I am not a paying member. I guess this means I’m not special enough to gift points :stuck_out_tongue:

But I did manage to buy useless items for my avatar in the Avatar Store.

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No, you go to the other persons profile and gift to them. Go to my profile, click gift points. That would give me points

OK. Got it! I’m a real genius!

I have been giving away my points for a long time, occasionally I use a few myself.

Sometimes I fear that these points nevertheless expire, simply because the person I gave them to is not aware that they got them. (Some people have chosen not to receive emails from LingQ and so never see the gifts they are sent!)


Yeah, the same can happen with wall post. There is some time no mail send.
Usually I get a mail.


It’s funny you should mention that, Sanne. One friend thanked me and asked me (rhetorically), don’t you have any texts that need corrected? And the other friend said thanks, now what can I do with them? What are they good for? I’m not sure how I should respond. hahaha

And yeah, I’ve been here almost 3 years and I’m just now learning: 1) that they even had this illogical “unused points expire” policy, and 2) that I had “lost” 2244 points in the past, most of which were deducted within the same two weeks back in February. What a wonderful accounting system they have here! I’ve been reading through some of the forum complaints and I’ve never seen old Steve so fiercely defend anything as this policy. There must be a rea$on (aside from the rationalization he is offering) as to why he defends this illogical and petty policy so strongly.

What is the idea behind the avatar, roses, giving points to each other?
I think people just get here to practice, to learn languages.

@Sanne T: may I ask you; are you from Dutch origine, have Dutch ancestors? Your first name looks so Dutch; Frisian in fact :wink:

@kwibus - Some people are competitive. They get motivated by seeing their avatar acquire new stuff. I feel shame at my sad little egg avatar. When I had trouble initially here and reset my account, I lost all my effort on LingQ and was set back to an egg. Really bothered me. I finally earned my Hanguk hairstyle back. Still a pretty pitiful avatar. A lot of what I do for studying just doesn’t get captured by LingQ.

I want the palace background, but if it took me several months to get 1 avatar coin, how long will it take to get 500?

I use the roses the same way I would “like” something in Facebook. People with lots of roses have probably been active contributors at LingQ.

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The idea behind the avatar? I have no idea.
The roses are like a ‘like’ button. A rose is generally meant to acknowledge specific comments you agree with or otherwise like, to which you may or may not reply, but you can also send someone a ‘like’ from their profile page with an attached comment of appreciation. (At least that’s how it’s intended.)
Which reminds me, have you seen this esurance commercial?

I unfriend you. ha ha ha
The points are meant as a way of rewarding someone for their help. You can earn points by helping someone learn your native language (or just buy points), and then spend the points you earned (or bought) as a means of rewarding someone for helping you learn their native language. (At least that’s how it’s intended to work.)
If some nice person has given you help outside of the regular mechanism of rewarding points, you can still reward them by giving them points through the ‘Gift Points’ function on their profile page. (At least that’s what it’s intended for.)

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@jreidy: You have to create and learn LingQs to earn Avatar Coins: 1 Coin for 10 created LingQs.

Roses are a nice way to let a content provider know that you like a lesson. I love them, because they really motivate me to work on new lessons. If you ask a question on the forum, and someone takes the time to answer you, you can give a rose too to say thank you. Or you can give a rose on the profile, because you feel to say thank you for other reasons. Personally I prefer roses for lessons and forum posts because I love to know why I get a rose :wink:

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