How do i stop those obnoxious pop ups when im starting a lesson?


is there a setting somewhere where i can stop the pop ups that say “you earned x amount of coins today” when i start to lingq words in an article? this is very distracting and annoying and it pops up constantly. how can i get rid of this pop up?



Yes please! I have brought up this issue quite a few times. There should not be useless popups covering the text and interrupting ones reading in reading software. Can you imagine if the Kindle had a thing that has to be manually dismissed appear over the text every 10 pages congratulating you on reading another 10 pages?


At the moment it’s not possible to disable popups, but we’ll see what we can do about it.


@nalacat & @ColinJohnstonov - As Zoran said while we don’t have the ability to disable the Daily Goal pop ups currently, if you set your Daily Coins Goal to the maximum (400 Coins), it will minimize the occurrence of these pop ups. So in the meantime, that’s your best option.

My suggestion: Change the Daily Goal pop up to the same appearance as the green Import pop up. In the upper right corner it is not that annoying and it can disappear after a few seconds.


Hi Colin, I understand where you’re coming from. Most users do find the popups motivating for building a language learning habit. LingQ is not simply a reading software, but a language learning software. Still, for those who do find it annoying, we should have an option to disable it. So bear with us on this one.


Agreed, they’re not just annoying, they can be very distracting. For example, when reading along to an audio that is playing, the popup appears, and by the time you’ve cleared it the audio has moved on and you’ve lost where you were on the page. Good idea to raise the coin goal and see less popups, but streaks and coin goals aren’t motivating for everyone. Arguably they did fit better with the more “fun” look and feel of the previous version. It would be nice to have a “Don’t show me this message again” option for popups.

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I asked about this and apparently there is no way to switch them off. Not entirely sure what they are supposed to do for us, as I don’t really respond to that as an adult rather than a 5 year old. They can be a bit irritating as they pop up in the middle of a reading and then you have to stop the reading and rewind and restart it. They must be intended for something I suppose. What motivates me is the number of known words in each language, and to get this I just tap my flag on the top right. All the numbers are given on the right of each language.