How do I STOP these INSANE “repair your streak” pop ups?

I’ve checked every setting on both the iPad and the website. Nothing helps. What‘s worse is that you get them on the iPad, then if you go to the website on the iPad you get it again and then when you go to the website on the laptop, you get it yet AGAIN!

Please stop the insanity!!


I’ve gotten a couple few already today, does it give you one for every respective language you had a streak going in? In that case, or if you had 4 plus devices worth of alerts, I could see that getting annoying.


It most certainly does.


Sorry about that. We’ll see what we can do about turning these off too if you have the Streak reminder emails turned off.


Well I guess you found your motivation then to keep your language learning streak going!



There was a previous thread (search for ‘Streak’), where Zoran gave following advice which worked for me …
“The temporary solution for that is to set your Daily goal to highest value - 100 LingQs. If you are creating less than 100 LingQs per day, you won’t be asked to repair streak, because you won’t really start building it.
We will see if we can do something on our end too in the upcoming updates.”
Hope this helps, Regards, Frank

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I somehow missed that or didn’t understand it at the time. I think I get it now; thanks, that’s a good tip!