How do I speak with a tutor? - Comprehensive Guide

Talking to a native speaker or submitting your writing for correction are key actions for effective language acquisition

If you'd like to speak with a native speaker, it is recommendable to do so for 45 minutes to one hour each week while you're learning a language. Having someone to correct your pronunciations is key in developing your accent.
Our tutors will identify grammatical errors you make in your writing and speaking, and they'll explain any relevant grammar concepts in the reports you receive. You are also free to ask your tutor any questions about grammar on the forum or communicate with them.
Tutoring lessons are paid using points that can be purchased, earned by tutoring other users, referring friends, and sharing lessons in the Library.
The tutors menu and scheduling is only available on the website
From the Tutors Tab, you can view the tutor's profiles and rates.
By hovering over the Tutor's profile, a pop-up will show their availability and introduction video (if available).
Pro tip:
Make sure to set your time zone and Skype name on your Profile Settings. If you haven't already, a pop-up will ask for you to update that info.
Choose the length and the number of classes you want to schedule. Many tutors offer discounts for a higher number of lessons. Click on "Choose time" to open the tutor's agenda.
Choose a time and click "Reserve time" to make your appointment. Repeat for all the lessons you want to schedule.
After all the lessons are scheduled, click on the "Book Conversation" button. It's important to make sure you have enough points, or you can purchase more by clicking on the "Buy points" link.
The tutor will call you via Skype at the scheduled time, so make sure to have Skype open and to have a headset/microphone set up and tested.