How do I see my total coins?

So I lost my streak and wanted to try repairing it, but I don’t know how to see my total coins. I know that I do 100 per day, but if I wanted to repair my streak for 5000 coins, how do I see how many I have/need? I’ve been trying to find it in lingq 5.0 but I can’t seem to find it, I am not too tech savvy lol. Thanks for any instruction you can provide!


Click on the Streak symbol at the top right > View All Statistics > Select Coins Earned and All Time at the top.


I’ve been bamboozled that there isn’t a way to see this myself. Even Zoran’s recommendation below, which I super appreciate, doesn’t take into account any spent/used coins.


Yeah, we do have in plans to improve the Stats page in the near future.

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I started lingQ 6 days ago .Don’t we keep accumulating coins? Why do I lose coins from day to day? I seem to restart at zero each day.? And what do we use the coins for?

Your Daily Goal reset each day and you need to earn enough coins each day to maintain your streak and reach dauly goal. However your total coins earned do not reset and you can see how much do you have under the Stats on your Profile.