How do I remove a course from "My Lessons"?

It seems that if I open an existing lingq course from the library in order to preview it, it automatically gets added to “My Lessons”. I’m not able to find how to remove it from “My Lessons” though, is this possible somehow?

To remove a course from your Learn Page click the ‘X’ in the upper right hand corner of the course box.

I don’t see the X at the upper right hand corner of the course box. This course for example is in my list of courses, Login - LingQ, but I don’t see the X anywhere.

Hi! Yes, when you open a lesson it is automatically added to your account and will appear in the My Lessons page. To remove the course, you will need to remove the lessons from that course. You can do this from the My Lessons page by clicking on the arrow next to “Open” then selecting “Delete Lesson”. In cases where you’ve only opened one lesson from the course, after deleting that one lesson the course will disappear from your My Lessons page when the Courses option is selected.

Ah, good to know, thanks

как сохранить импортируемый урок

Hi! You can learn more about importing lessons here: Import Help

I have the same problem but I still cannot remove courses.
Does some way exist to remove the several lessons by one click? It is complicated to remove more than ten or thirty lessons if you just open one course to review. Some of courses contains more than fifty lessons.
When I switch the Show radio button to “Courses” i still see the course that I want to be removed. Does some way exist to remove all course with all lessons without clicking on each of them?

The other problem is I have just removed about twenty lessons manually in one course. But when I selected sort order - “New word” they appear again in My lesson page.

Maybe I do something wrong. Could help me to resolve my issue?

It sounds like the Learn page may actually be the best page for you to use to access your courses. Once you’re done with a course, or if you decide you don’t want to see a course again, just click the “x” that appears at the top right of the course on the Learn page to hide it from the list.

There isn’t a way to delete multiple lessons at a time, though if you delete lessons they shouldn’t show in the My Lessons list - the course still may show though if you have lessons from that course in your My Lessons list. I would encourage you to try using the Learn page to manage your courses though - you may find it easier :slight_smile:

Thank you for respond but unfortunately My Learn page does not contain functionality to archive and sort lessons. Thus it is not so convenient to filter lessons I have already passed or set the sequence of passing lessons in case when the course consists of multiple lessons.
I have read some forum topics and I understand that there is no way exist to remove the lessons from My lesson pages except removing each lesson manually. I am Ok with that and I am ready to wait when this functionality (bulk removing lessons OR course removing) will be released.
But the main concern I have about My Lessons page is that after I have removed the lessons manually they still appear if I select Sort order by “New Words”. Only in case “Recently Opened” removed lessons are disappeared. So I can’t use sort order functionality in appropriate way. It looks like a bug.

Ah, I see. I believe the New Words sort is using an indexed version of the results to help improve performance (the New Words filtering is a fairly resource intensive process). However, the next time the results are indexed (typically twice a day), the results in the New Words sort should be up to date again. Would you try again now to see if it is showing the correct results?

I see your point but unfortunately it looks like the reason is different. All removed lessons still appear when I select sort “New Words”. Moreover, the removed lessons still exist when I select sort by “A-Z” or “Roses” too.
Only in case if I select sort by “Recently Opened” they are disappeared.

I see, in that case I’ve forwarded this over to our development team. We’ll take a closer look into what’s going on here and will let you know if we need any additional information as we look to get this working properly!