How do i recognize texts level ? from beginer to intermediate 2 at store?

How do i recognize texts level ? from beginer to intermediate 2 at store ?

In the store you have different boxes: Categories, Recommended Items, Feature Collections and so on. Two types of categories are easier to find - they are located in the top left corner (For Beginners and Easy Learning). Either one should have good texts for the average beginner. A while ago each item had information about how many “unknown words” the texts had (based on the LingQ you had saved yourself et.c.). However, I think the feature slowed down the system, which is very sad because now it can be guesswork to find the most suitable text for your level.

We recognize the need to make the Store easier. We will be dividing content into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. That is on our list of things to do.I cannot say when it will be done.

We have been working on speeding up the site as a priority. This meant TEMPORARILY stopping the “new words” statistics. We have promised to have it back for a while now, but I can say that barring any unexpected problems, these statistics will be back early next week with a newly designed and faster LingQ widget.

We appreciate your patience. We have lots of improvements in store, and a desire to do them all at once, but the reality is that things take time and there are often expected problems. But I am more confident than ever about the direction we are going.

Meanwhile, most people should begin any language with Beginner and Easy Learning items. Even if these are easy, it is good idea to look at them and Update them in order to tell the system that you know the words, and also to get used to the system.

(I don’t want to hijack the thread, but rather emphasize that I like the system and won’t go bezerk due to a missing feature)


I think you will like it better after Tuesday. And I hope you will like it more and more as we continue to improve it. We still have a lot of things to do to get it where we want it. I must agree, however, that I also find it quite addictive for my Russian studies and cannot wait to get Korean on there.

We do appreciate your support and hope one day to get some Swedish from you, but no pressure!!