How Do I open the course import page?

Before I was able to open the course import page from the lesson import page. On the course import page I could adjust the numbers (positions) of the lessons in the course. Also I could adjust the tags and the level in one step. Now the link in the lesson is missing.

Click on the symbol on the left of the blue bar, then click on the import button.

There is no symbol on the import page. I do not speak about the lesson page. I speak about the import page for lessons. Before there was a “Go to course” or something like that on the top of the page.

In comics you have these balloons indicating the words of a person. By "symbol"I mean that kind of figure. You find it on the left of the blue bar. Click on that and you will get a page where you see the words “import lesson”, under the drawing of a speaking person. Click on those words.

I appreciate that you want to help. But I’m sorry, you speak from another page than I do. I’m NOT on the LESSON Page. I’m already on the IMPORT page for the lesson! From there I want to open the IMPORT page for the course with an overview of all lessons, where I’ve control about the number of the lessons in the course.

I’m sure that the LingQ stuff knows what I’m talking about. I’m an experienced an long time user, and I know the functionallity of LingQ quite well.

Hi Vera,
On the import lesson page, click on the course name on the top right to access the course edit page.

Thank you. I was used to find something like “go back” on the top left side and was looking for it. The solution is simple… and I was blind :wink:

Hi Vera,

You’re not blind ! The guys make these little improvements, but then they don’t tell us just to keep us on our toes.

There’s another way to Edit a Course which you may not have noticed.

In Home Page - See All - change Lessons to courses - if you now double click on a Course it displays the lessons in the Course plus a Course summary at the top of the screen.

In the Course Summary at bottom right there’s a button called Edit Course

David .


Thank you very much. Indeed, I haven’t seen this until now.