How do I make Safari remember my lesson settings?

As has been reported before, Safari keeps loosing my lesson settings of text size, auto speech etc. How do I make it remember those settings?

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Yes, I have been having this same problem.

At LingQ’s request, after that other thread I started, I sent them the details of this problem and they got back to me this weekend. As best they can tell, it’s a problem on my (and your) end. That’s the best they can determine. I agreed to use Google Chrome for a few days to see if the problem keeps happening (this is day 2, and it hasn’t happened yet). That will confirm it’s an issue with Safari, so they can work on that specifically.

Given that others are having the same problem, I think it’s pretty clear it has something to do with the way Safari and LingQ interact. I have changed my settings multiple times to make sure LingQ can store cookies, etc., and that didn’t fix it. It has been a frustrating problem for a long time.

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