How do I listen to a single word?

I signed up 10 minutes ago. I did watch the introductory video and can already navigate most of the icons and pages, but I can’t figure out how to listen to a single word. Every time I hit “play” it reads the entire conversation, and it doesn’t seem to give me the option to hear the word I’m LinqQing to reinforce it.

When you click a lingq in the lesson there’s a gray speaker icon next to the word in the definition panel at the right. Click the speaker to hear the individual word.

Apologies - I found I can listen to it after I’ve already LingQed it.


There is no option to listen to only one specific word from the recording, however, when you tag the word you can listen to the google translate voice saying it individually. I see you’re learning Russian, which has a pretty decent synthesized voice on google translate.

Also, you can hear individual words recorded by real human natives on

ah, too late : )

@medb - You may have seen the text to speech button on the blue pane in the video but it only appears for paying accounts in that location. As you note, it does appear on the LingQ widget for all accounts.

It would be awesome if LingQ someday allowed fragments of the recording to be heard - such as a single word or a whole sentence. Perhaps there could be an option to loop these as well. Plus the time hearing them could be automatically added to one’s stats. As it is, the text-to-speech feature is sufficient for the voicing of individual words - though it doesn’t seem to be available for any of the beta languages :frowning: