How do I LingQ on the Internet


I’d like to create lingqs on pages I am reading my content from, not to import them to LingQ and then read them there. I read a lot of articles and I’d like to see the images included and I can’t see them lingqing on LingQ (unless there’s something I don’t know)
I installed the Google chrome extension. I click on it and it imports the article to LingQ. There’s the option “lingq here”. I click it and nothing happens :frowning:


I’m using Chrome, too, and it works as expected.
Sometimes I have to mark the text first, then click on the LingQ button. Then a bar comes up which lets me choose between “Open on LingQ” or “LingQ here”. After clicking on “LingQ here” the yellow words pop up fairly quickly but it takes a while for the blue ones. This seems to depend on the length of text.
I just checked for one word I LingQed and it was right there in the vocabulary, too, with the sentence it appeared in.

Perhaps there’s a bug there: In my case the extension’s option “Automatically import to selected language:” is enabled but it does NOT import anything automatically. Perhaps in your case it’s disabled and DOES import when you don’t want it?!

Hey there!
I tried both ways: enabling/ disabling that option doesn’t make any difference.
I tried highlighting the text and then clicking the “lingq here” button - nothing happened.

It’s not working for me either. As far as I remember it did work for me in the past. I also used to have problem with importing text to Lingq with this app but somehow it is OK now.

Now I have auto importing to selected language disabled and yet it automatically imports to LingQ.
The positive thing is it allows me to Lingq on the web page where the original text is posted.

@Grigo92 The extension does import the text either way. It has to do this to compare against your database. Glad things seem to be working otherwise.

Well, sometimes I can’t ignore words or choose the translations to create lingqs - I click or try keyboard shortcuts and nothing happens.

It’s working well for me, but we’ll keep checking this over the next few days. Thanks for letting us know!