How do I import vocabulary into LingQ?

If you have vocabulary lists from other systems that you'd like to import to LingQ, you can do so by uploading a .csv file on the Vocabulary tab.

Setting up your .csv file

Label your columns in the order they appear on the window: term*, phrase*, tag1, tag2, meaninglanguage1*, meaning1*, meaninglanguage2, meaning2.

* required column. The other columns are optional.

Term: the vocabulary term
Phrase: the phrase the vocabulary term appears in
Tags: categories the term falls into (ex. verb, noun, adjective, preposition, slang, etc.)
Meaninglanguage1: the language that Meaning1 is in (up to 2 meaning languages supported), formatted in the 2-letter language code.
Meaning1: the translation of the term

f you're using Google Sheets to create your .csv file, just click File > Download > Comma-separated values (.csv)

Importing your .csv file

  1. Click + Import Vocabulary
  2. Click Browse... to search your device for your .csv file
  3. Select your file and click Import
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