How do i get my 90 day Challenge cap

Am i missing something, I worked consistently for 90 days (even ranked 2nd in French) but i don’t have a 90 day graduation cap.

What gives?

I believe you only get the cap if you successfully completed the challenge. Under your French stats, open the drop-down menu and select “90-Day Challenge” and you can see that unfortunately you only completed three of your challenge targets.

@mikebooks - Looking back, I think our requirements were probably a little high. This was the first “challenge” we’ve hosted through the site, and we’ve learned a lot that should help us make the challenge better the next time around!

Also, don’t feel bad - Steve didn’t get a cap either!

I did not record most of my listening hours at LingQ (the only ones recorded were the ones that the system did automatically). As far as writing (I write at least 250 words a day-- none of which is recorded). And i speak French with my wife every day (she is from Quebec).

Why didn’t i record those things? Because i was under the impression that only actual LingQing counted (as in the usual stats). I LingQed almost 10, 000 items! Heck I could have said i spoke 5 hours a day and wrote 2000 words a day but there would be no actual proof (unlike my hard work at LingQing practically 90 days straight).

Fair is fair but this doesn’t sit well with me- all over a a silly graduation cap. Kind of like looking forward to a weekend ice-cream treat only to be handed some more brocolli!

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I don’t think the requirements were all that high rather than unclear.

I felt somewhat bad for steve going through all that trouble of making 90 videos of his progress and not graduate, which he obviously could have done if he just wrote a little earlier. It seems odd that he was in the dark regarding the criteria for graduation.

I just checked out Alex and Galina’s profile and they didn’t graduate either. Rough challenge for team lingQ. I wonder if anyone else other than Mark K graduated.

I would be curious to see the stats on how many people graduated from the challenge.

Since even Steve didn’t seem to know the criteria, I doubt many got “the silly graduation cap”

I was at first very excited by this project. However, I never fully understood what was being tracked so I did not participate.

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^Agreed. The staff could have better explained that you had to max out all your bars in order to successfully complete the challenge.

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@freespirit “Since even Steve didn’t seem to know the criteria, I doubt many got “the silly graduation cap””

Well, I got one and it´s not silly!!!
Just kidding^^

I don´t think it was hard to find out what you´re supposed to do. Select your language, select “90 days challenge” on your progress snap shot thingy, try to reach the goals on the right. Done.

Reaching one´s goals seems to be much easier for beginners though. I had to learn 600 words for my Japanese challenge, while Steve had to learn 6000 words or so for his Challenge in Korean.

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@CannlK84 “The staff could have better explained that you had to max out all your bars in order to successfully complete the challenge.”

I dug out the text from the “Click here to join the challenge”-thingy:

"We know many people want to learn languages but lose momentum along the way. That’s why we are launching our 90-Day Challenge! Just meet your targets on LingQ for 90 days. Interact with other challenge participants to keep each other motivated and make it more fun! Together we will take our languages to the next level!

How it Works
Click the button below to register for the challenge.
Meet the targets in your Progress Snapshot for the 90-day period from January 15 - April 15, 2014.
After 90 days, if you have met your targets, you will have achieved a major step forward in your language! On top of that, you will receive a special artifact for your avatar which you can show off to all your friends!
Share your commitment with your friends and social network (#LingQ #90daychallenge on Twitter). Share your progress and interact with other challenge participants on the 90-Day Challenge page or LingQ Facebook page."

@Paul. “Well, I got one and it´s not silly!!!” I was only quoting the guy above me.

Congratulations on completing the challenge…I agree with you. BTW I just checked out your profile and you have done a very impressive amount of listening during the challenge, wow.

To be honest, I felt like I missed out on something and would have liked to have seen that cap on my avatar. Well at least Steve got a cute crocheted Avatar from Galina. I remember Mark saying in one of the videos regarding the challenge and meeting your goals and steve was like " what goals". I guess most aren’t as savvy and diligent as yourself Paul. ^^ Most of the staff didn’t set a good example by missing their goals either, tisk tisk. ;p

I think if we have another it will be a different story, I know I’ll be taking part and I think I would accomplish the goals.

As steve mentioned, what really mattered was the increased effort and momentum which I’m sure everyone who tried to complete the challenge would agree. That damn cap is impressive though.

Back in February i asked a question on the forum about the Activity Score. Here is the link:

(Activity Score-- Questions - Language Forum @ LingQ)

Galina answered:
@mikebooks - listening doesn’t influence on the activity score. For writing, only submitted writing exchange requests count. Anyway, all those activities (including outside ones) are very important for meeting your targets.

This is why i didn’t record those thing during the challenge. To me there are many who deserve a graduation cap and are not getting one-- this is unfair. Yes in the grand scheme of things it is not important but this, to me, violates a principle. I completed all my goals and I feel cheated.

Some time ago I wrote in the forum:

"Yeah!! But after a day of listening, reading, writing and talking you know that it was a beautiful day! And with zero points!

Who cares? It was your beautiful day!

enjoy learning!"

but today I would ask the challenge manager:

Is this part of the challenge???
I think all active learners on LingQ are independent, self-determined learner, so it is difficult to have only one goal for a challenge.

I would say a lot of the participants have done a good job! Each one knows if he has reached his own challenge goal!


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I almost wish I hadn’t completed all of the challenge goals as losing my cavalier was more punishment than reward. I used to receive so many compliments about how dashing I looked in it! Now, all of the other avatars just make fun of me and snicker behind my back. Yesterday, I tried to go rid of it by buying a handsome bicorne and switching outfits, but that didn’t work. This damn cap seems to be permanently welded to my head!!! My only hope now is that it will disappear when the next challenge begins.

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LOL I wish I had your problem. The pride and prestige of graduation would last me at least 6 months.

@all - first of all, I’d like to say congratulations to all of you. You have been working hard whether you earned the Avatar cap or not. I haven’t graduated, and I am ashamed :slight_smile: however, I try to work on my language better now when I know my weaknesses.

As for targets, we have to disagree with you. We have emphasized what you have to do (meet all your targets checking your progress snapshot regularly) in all the 90-day challenge announcements and updates, emails, blog posts, forum comments… Please let us know what we should have done better and more clear, so that we can improve in the future.

Thanks again for your participation and good luck in your further learning!

@solanderdog - we are sorry to hear that you don’t like your new hat :slight_smile: We are working on this now to make it optional. You will be able to take it off soon :slight_smile:

@mikebooks - I am really sorry for the confusion with an activity score (which doesn’t include listening) and 90-day challenge targets (which has listening as one of the targets)… Next time, we will make sure to make all these things more clear.

@mikebooks - I am really sorry for the confusion with an activity score (which doesn’t include listening) and 90-day challenge targets (which has listening as one of the targets)… Next time, we will make sure to make all these things more clear.

No need to apologize for that. I should have input my actual listening, writing, and speaking. For me, that my speaking and listening skills improved dramatically, is much more important.


Should have always turned to wifey for icecream and other reinforcements.

I don’t want to offend any of the LingQ staff with my comment above and I heard that another 90 day challenge is being planned, so atleast i have another shot to achieve something new for my avatar :smiley: