How do I get a native French person to correct my imported Tintin lessons?


I have just received an email which tells me that another LingQ user has just edited one of my imported lessons (a Peppa Pig episode in french) that I have shared.

I didn’t realise this was a feature of LingQ!

I have also imported 21 lessons of ‘Les Adventures de TinTin’ into LingQ which I have shared publicly. However, the problem with this is that I have taken these from YouTube and the closed captions were only about 50% accurate and therefore a lot of the lessons are jargon.

My question is this, is it possible to get a native french speaker to go through these lessons and correct the text so it matches with the audio. If this could be done, it would be such a great resource for learning french. Not just for myself, but for the whole of the LingQ community.

I would of course be happy to pay this person for their time.

Any ideas please send them my way!

Merci beacuoup.


Each Premium user at LingQ can edit lessons (in case they notice typo for example). You, as owner, will be notified when someone edit it and you will be able to open that lesson in edit lesson page and approve or decline changes.
Hopefully some native French speakers will notice this thread and make some edits in the course you mentioned. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your reply!

Yes, if any french users are interested please help me amend the typos in my ‘Les Adventures de Tintin’ course and I can help you with English or I can send payment for your services.