How do I enterpert this Japanese?

A little context before the sentence,

A man (Tanaka) receives a call and answers his home phone, with ‘‘はい、田中です’’
the caller asks
tanaka responds, ‘‘いいえ違います・’’
the caller says, ‘‘あーすみませんでした、番号をまちがいました。。。’’
-end call-

then tanaka who received the call thinks to himself,


and I dont really understand what he means

Is it, ''when some one answers the phone and says はい田中です how can it be anyone else (but tanaka)
when someone hears はい田中です, I wonder what the other person is thinking?

or something completely different that wouldnt surprise me either さすが日本語ね^^;;

Thanks if you can help!

If someone heard “はい田中です”, what would he think?
If you notice you have called the wrong number, how will you feel? If you dial the wrong number, it can be confusing and embarrassing.

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thank you Yutaka,

Is it kind of irregular usage to phrase something like this? I couldnt find many hits on google and there seems to be many other common ways to phrase this kind of thinking

he is from fukushima if that has anything to do with local dialects?

Suppose you were a child and were scolded, how would you feel?
“叱られた子供” means “scolded child” or " a child who was scolded".
How would a scolded child feel?

“he is from fukushima if that has anything to do with local dialects?”
No. It is standard Japanese.

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Thank you again, it must just be because I have never come across this kind of usage before