How do I edit the "cover" of an ebook that I import?

I have a self-published ebook that I’d like to not only import into LingQ, but also share with the community. I’ve successfully imported my ebook, but I want to change the cover (the front cover of the resource that appears in my library). Also, is there a way of importing it as a mini story?

If you view the course and then “edit course” you can change the “cover” by selecting an image from your filesystem. Only annoying thing is that it doesn’t allow you to resize the views to fit your image fully in the “frame” (at least I haven’t figured that out). Even if I resize the image to super small it still frames it by cutting off have the picture.

If you want to have each lesson be a chapter you need to create the lessons individually and import just the text for the given chapter. A pain. You would also need to chop up the audio (if you imported an audio).

Thanks for the quick response, Eric!

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