How do I earn points here at LingQ?!

I’ve been very busy in the last few months and had no time to use LingQ as I would like to… but now it’s ok and I intend to study more and more…

However, even during these busy months, I kept reading and listening to a lot of french and spanish, but I don’t get any points… what must I do to earn points here?

Hi Diego,

It’s good to see that you’re motivated to learn.
For information about points, please click on the “Points” link at the top right of the page or go here: Login - LingQ

If you’re talking about activity points, or your activity score, you can get those by creating LingQs (creating hints for words in the lessons that you don’t know), learning LingQs (status is known – level 4), submitting writings here at LingQ, and having conversations here at LingQ.

Angela, thanks for mentioning that as well. It’s possible that Diego was referring to the activity score, which I hadn’t though of :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your attention. I did mean the activity points actually. So, if I want to earn points, I have to sign the basic plan or the other options, isn’t it?

No do you not have to join that Basic or higher levels in order to earn points. Please read link on Alex’s post.

Angela uses the term “activity score”. I like this expression.
I suggest renaming the activity points into “activity score”. People get always confused by points. They mix the meaning of activity points and points that you can earn, and use up for tutoring services.

Yes, I use the interface in Spanish, and it translates to “Activity Points”. In Portuguese it says “Pontuação Total em Atividades:”, which I think translates to the same. In English it is “Activity Score”.

We have never referred to activity score as activity points. We rely on our translators to translate in a way that is most appropriate for their language. However if there are translations that should be changed let us know.

“Pontuação Total em Atividades” is fine! I guess I translated this sentence by the way huehuehue… I was just confused by all the kinds of points that seems to exist…

After all, I think this is how it is: if I want points (to exchange for conversations with a tutor, for example), I don’t necessarily need to join any of the plans; I can just go to the specific page and buy some points with a credit card… isn’t it?

And thank you all for your kindness and attention! =D

*to pay for conversations with a tutor

@Mark: Sorry, it seems that is a problem of the German translation. I never questioned this because this translation existed before I got a translator for LingQ. I try to find the wrong entries.

It appears not be a problem in a number of translations and we should look at it next week.

I’ve changed it in Pootle (for German). But the help files needs some work too.

@diegomartins - Keep in mind that if you are not at least a Basic member, you will pay twice as much for your points. Basic, Plus and Premium members pay 50% less for points aside from any points received through the membership.

By the way,

What’s the “activity score” for?

The activity score is a way to see how active someone has been in learning a language. Rather than having any financial benefits, it’s a matter of motivation and, for some, bragging rights. :slight_smile:

Ok… I got it… thank you for the support! =)

By the way, I’d like to help LingQ somehow, so if you need a portuguese tutor, I’d be glad to help.

Diego, it would be great if you could tutor. Just set up some conversation times on the Speak page and hopefully you will start to get some students.

ok! =D