How do I delete lingqs

I try to delete some lingqs but it say is a premium feature, I used to pay for the premium but can’t afford it anymore and want to create all new lingqs for a new language I want but even I I mark old ones as known it still says I reach my maximum save ones. someone help please, also I the Portuguese here very different from Brazilian Portuguese? that’s the one I actually need to learn asap. thanks

@Lilyflor - You can remove LingQs from the Vocabulary page by clicking the “X” icon next to a LingQ or by finding the LingQ in a lesson, selecting it, then clicking the “X” in the dashboard on the right. If you are over the maximum number of LingQs for a Free user, then you won’t be able to create any more LingQs until you are under that limit.

I’ve never studied Portuguese so I’m not sure how different Brazilian and European Portuguese are, but we do have lessons with both accents. If you’re looking for lessons with a specific accent, just visit the Library, click “Show advanced filters” on the left then select the accent you would like. Hope this helps!