How do I delete Courses from my "Learn" section

How do I delete Courses from my “Learn” section.

I’d like to be able to keep my “Learn” section clean, and have only the material I am using or plan on using in it.

I searched for it, didn’t find it. I searched the support forum and it was said the feature would be added soon, that was in one case almost 1 year and a half ago, and in the other over a year ago.

Don’t know whether you saw this thread. It is the latest about deleting courses:

@philtrem - It’s coming very soon. With our recent update we switched the default view to courses, and a few more enhancements will be on their way shortly.

Alex, removing lessons/courses from the archive section doesn’t seem to work at all - I tried deleting and unarchiving lessons both in lesson view and in course view without success (still shows them as archived); this appears to make the entire course invisible in the Library.

If this could also be addressed that would be appreciated. Thanks.

Archiving lessons for me left the course containing the lesson there, even though I did archive every lessons contained in the course I was attempting to remove. And thanks Alex, for your reply.

@Jamie, philtrem - As we look to improve this, we’re running into a few issues in figuring out how to best go about it. Several options are available, but each has its upsides and downsides. It’s not quite as simple as we had originally thought, as we have to consider many usage scenarios (such as the one mentioned above). We’re going to continue looking at this, weighing the options, and seeing if any other options appear, before we jump into things and make more refinements to how this is all handled.

Sure thing Alex, there are workarounds for the time being.

I must say though that the site has improved significantly in the 2 years or so I’ve been away. The ability to filter/search on collection/course is a major breakthrough in itself.

Just a couple of my own thoughts… I would like to suggest the following ideas:

  1. The library remains static, i.e. courses don’t disappear depending on what you have in your lesson or archive list. I want to just go into the library and see everything that’s in there.

  2. The default filter is Course (rather than Lesson).

  3. I can’t ever see myself as a big user of the Archive, although I imagine others would use it and find it useful. However, as someone who prefers to work with entire courses, I would like to see a way of moving your entire Lessons list contents into the Archive (or just deleting them all). I guess if (1) is implemented, there’s no need to ever clear down the archive.

  4. I note latency is a problem with the Archive (the Library seems to work much faster).

  5. Slightly off topic, but being able to download all mp3 files from a course (or your workspace) would be a big plus for me. I believe you have to do this on a lesson-by-lesson basis, but please correct me if I’m wrong!

Good job guys, LingQ is getting better and better!


I agree total:

“1. The library remains static, i.e. courses don’t disappear depending on what you have in your lesson or archive list. I want to just go into the library and see everything that’s in there.”

“2. The default filter is Course (rather than Lesson).”

“3. I can’t ever see myself as a big user of the Archive.”


@Jamie: I agree. The search options in the library sometimes don’t work at all. I found in the new lesson list of the blog “Alice’s Abenteuer im Wunderland”. If you search for “Wunderland” or “Alice’s Abenteur im Wunderland” in the German library, you’ll not find it. Neither in the lesson nor in the course search! (By the way it should be “Alices Abenteuer im Wunderland” in German! German doesn’t have the apostrophe in the genitive case and there is an “e” missing in “Abenteuer”. Besides that the spelling is very old. The provider should overwork it.).

Additional to point 5 I’ve to mention that there is the option to download complete courses from an rss. You can use the rss in itunes for example. But content providers will not be rewarded in this case. That is the reason why I always use the option “I don’t want a preview of this lesson to be shown outside the login.” because this option decides if the lesson is in the rss or not. As long as LingQ does not count the use of lessons from the rss I’ll not change this.

You are right Vera! One cannot find ‘Alice’s Abenteur im Wunderland’ on LingQ. If you want to find something specific in the LingQ library, the most reliable way is to search Google!

@Jamie - Thanks for the great feedback. Some of these are already planned, though we’ll take your other suggestions into account as we continue to make updates here!

@VeraI, ColinJohnstone - We plan to improve the search in the near future, and this will hopefully make it easier to find relevant courses and lessons.