How do I delete a friend from my friends list in the community section if he or she is no longer a member of LingQ?

One name in my list of friends cannot be clicked on any longer. There used to be a profile attached, but there is no profile now. That means there is no way for me to get to the Remove from Friends button, even though having the icon in my friends list is of no use now that the profile is gone. How can I remove this icon?

That’s a good point, Nicole. We will add that to our list. There is no way to remove that person at the moment.

By the way, Nicole, you mentioned somewhere that we should provide a sample conversation so that potential participants can see what the conversations are like. Do you or does anyone else have some sample group or 1 on 1 conversations recorded that you could send us? It would be great to have them in a variety of languages.

Mark, I must admit I do not even have Skype yet, so I have not participated in any conversations with the tutors. I actually need a bit of a nudge myself. But as far as things that I could do, I saw that you are planning to allow volunteers to correct obvious mistakes and typos in content items. I would like to volunteer to do that, as I go through a great deal of content items.

We’ll keep you in mind!