How do I create my own content?

I want to read “Le Comte de Monte-Cristo”, but I noticed there are only a few chapters in the library here. I know where to get the audio and text, so how do I create my own content?

This page should be helpful: Import Help.

Good luck,

Under “what is a collection” please make this change:

Old - When you have a Lesson opened, …
New - To add a lesson to a collection, open the lesson, select the “Edit lesson” icon, …

Ah, sorry for any ambiguous wording. It is in the Import section of the help so I guess the assumption is that you’ll have the lesson open in the Import view. In any case, we will keep this in mind!

never mind - sorry to waste your time


Consider the following.

  1. Not every request from a learner, however well intended, necessarily represents the experience of a majority of users.
  2. If we make changes to the wording of our Help instructions we need to translate these changes into over a dozen languages. If we have not had complaints from others, (and lessons are imported daily to the LingQ library), we are not inclined to easily make changes to our Help wording just because there is a request to do so.
  3. We are about to introduce a number of major changes to LingQ, which will involve some changes to how import functions and will necessitate a change in the Help instructions.

Therefore we appreciate your input on how the Import instructions should read but are not going to do anything right now.