How do I correct my listening statistics?

I started reading French again today and I stumbled on my “All Time” statistics. I saw a “+” beside all of the stats and thought that meant I could change the cap. My listening cap was 387 hours and I wanted to change it to 1000 hours. I believe I had only listened to 57.50 hours. Anyways, when I changed what I thought was the cap it edited my actual hours listened which is not what I wanted.

Is there any way to change this back to what it was? Also, is there any way
to change the cap of each if you’ve met it?

Thank You,

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Add a negative number of hours. It sounds like you accidentally added 1000 hours to it, so just add -1000 hours (or whatever you accidentally added). This should fix it


Correct. yes. As @aklaino89 wrote, you can also add a negative number to adjust your stats if needed.

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