How do I change the TTS voice?

On iMac under settings-accessibility-speech. It has different voices you can download under “System Voice” Can I download a voice and use it as TTS here on LingQ?

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Hi! Here’s how:
When you are in a lesson, go to Settings. It will be a gear icon, and over here, it’s on the right top corner. It’s not on the very top, but in the corner of the page you are on. Click on it, and scroll down. You will see many settings. If you are on “Reader Settings” you can scroll down and see “Text to Speech Accent”.
Maybe if you’re a premium user, you will be able to, but otherwise, I don’t know if you can download a voice and use it as TTS.

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MarkE…the voicings, as far as I’ve ever known, are coming from LingQ itself (or ultimately whatever source they are using). From the browser version of LingQ there are a couple of different German voicing you can use (last I checked) as Kwall1 has described.

On the app, there’s only ever been one voicing that I’ve known of (for German) and it actually sounds quite a bit different than the web to my ears so I think it’s different sources even from the web version.

If you have audio that’s been uploaded to the lesson, you can use that as the “sentence” view audio. If you’ve imported both, like from youtube, it will use the audio from that even in sentence view. If you’ve uploaded your own audio, you have to edit the lesson, go to “clips” tab and click generate audio timestamps button. It will try to break up the audio to match the sentence endings. It doesn’t always work first time…you may have to try a couple of times, or even go back to the tab “Resplit Text” and then try again. You can also modify the sentences and or audio timestamps as needed to fine tune.

So you could also possibly create an audio using your Mac TTS and upload it if it can read the language and create and audio for you to upload. I’ve also used this site: Free Text-To-Speech for German language and MP3 Download | to create audio. It’s limited if doing for free, but you can also pay for it to do more. It has at least one fairly pleasant voice for German.