How do I change the language I want to learn?

I know there is a button on the top that says ‘Change Languge’ and I tried clicking that button but it doesn’t work and nothing happens when I click it, what do I do?


I know I’m not tech support but this sounds like a problem I had myself. If you’re using Internet Explorer 8 then if you click on compatibility mode on the right hand side of the address bar next to the refresh and stop symbols (it looks like a broken page) then you should be able to change languages after that. If that doesn’t work… wait on real tech support.

Thanks Martin. That’s exactly what I was going to suggest. The language switch and a few other javascript components of the site do not work in IE8. They will work if you turn on “compatibility mode” in IE8.

Well, that is a good suggestion but unfortunately I don’t have Internet Explorer 8 so I’m not sure what to do. Maybe someone would reply soon for more suggestion. Thanks for your help.

Oh, hey! I tried clicking the ‘Change Language’ button again and it works! So I changed it to Spanish. Problem Solved! :slight_smile:

That is strange then. What browser do you have? In the meantime, you can try replacing the language extension in the url with the one you want to go to. For example in the url on the Lessons page if you are in English, there is an “en”. If you change this to “fr” you will go to French. What language do you want to switch to?

spanish, but its okay now. I changed it by trying to click it again and it worked!