How do i change my level?

Hi, the system has bumped me up to intermediate 1, with daily stats indicating I should be adding 50 new words to “known words” everyday. This is a bit beyond me, and I can’t seem to find how to change my level back down.


…By which I mean, the links in my sidebar saying “choose your level” don’t work : )

I’m sure a support person will come to your thread as well, but you can’t change your level anymore, it’s done automatically depending on the amount of words you know.

My thinking on levels is as follows, as this project evolves.

I think that there are three levels that are relevant at LingQ, and they need not be connected.

  1. Your LingQ level as determined by your known words total, and perhaps this should just show as a number from 1 to 6. A

  2. The difficulty level in the library, which enables the learner to select the level of difficulty of the lessons he or she wants to look at.

  3. Your actual competence level in the language need not appear on the site. You can form your own opinion, or you can ask a tutor what your actual competence level is.

  4. above may influence 2) and 3) but not necessarily.

From the quick blurb under “intermediate 1”, I’m below that level of functioning, I don’t mind that, but the number of known words per day increases and I enjoyed seeing full bars at the end of everyday, I can’t keep up with 50 new words a day at the moment, not without all the older ones falling out of my brain. No big deal, I know I can still go by the old targets.

Give us a little time to sort out this level issue maths.

No problem