How do I buy a tutored course?

I’ve read the ‘Courses Help’ FAQs.
One section concerns ‘Why should I buy a tutored course?’, and another ‘What are the benefits of working with a tutor?’. But I don’t see any information on how to buy a tutored course, and what it costs.
Please can someone let me know?

Hi, first of all you need to buy points in order to buy a tutored course. Click on “Points” which is on top of the page. There are all informations you need including the possibility to buy points.
I recomend you to become a paying member if you want to buy tutored couses. Below mentioned, you can see that the price for a 1 on 1 conversation is 5 dollars (500 points) - in the case that you are a paying member, otherwise it costs 10 dollars per one conversation. So first of all, I recomend you to click on “account” and upgrade it in order to have cheaper conversations. Next possibility is that you can tutor conversations in English, you can earn points and then you can sign up for your own conversations thanks to the points that you get for tutoring.

What do I need points for?
Points are used for tutored services like writing correction, live conversation and courses. Points can be bought in your Account, can be given to you as part of your membership or can be earned by tutoring and sharing lessons in the Library.
What do services cost?
1 on 1 Conversation (15 minutes) = 500 points ($5*).
4 on 1 Group Discussion (1 hour) = 500 points. ($5*)
Writing Correction (100 words) = 333 points ($3.33*).
*Includes 50% discount for paying members.

As far as I know, there are no tutored course on offer these days. Perhaps the Help section just needs updating.

You are right Sanne. Courses are no longer offered. You can study lessons on you own or sign up for a conversation with a tutor who could develop an individual course for you.

The help needs an update.

Basically you ask a tutor to design a course for you, eg you work through a collection in the library, answering questions based on the material. You just pay for speaking and writing time as normal.

We are phasing out the courses since they were rarely used, thus tutors did not renew them, and we think they represented just another element of confusion.

As Helen says, you can ask a tutor to design a course for you. I think this is a good idea.

The original intent of the courses was to encourage learners to commit, to introduce more discipline.