How do I blog bad people?


I was fair.

How do I block evgueny40?


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You need to master the art of effortless super-smooth coolness. You might do a lot worse than become a Christopher Walken fan:

Wayne, I don’t know what you mean by blocking him.
However, Evgueny is a little hot under the collar right now, but I have had many conversations with him, in person and via skype and can vouch for him. He is really a generous, helpful and warm person. You also sound like a nice person. I imagine that when this all blows over, we could meet for a nice meal and would get along famously.

I favour letting everyone speak their piece, as long as we don’t get too personal. Perhaps Evgueny stepped over the line a little bit, but I forgive him, and one day he will forgive us.

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Block evgueny40? ?? In defense of Evgueny: I love Evgueny! I miss our French group-conversations. He’s a super cool person. Anyhoo, I guess I’m off topic. Who doesn’t have an off day? Nobody’s perfect ;p

Sincerely, Yvette

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Evgueny is full of hate.

I will never forget the evil he has written.




I find these accusations impossible to believe. I have been posting here quite a long time, and I have certainly never seen anything written by Evgueny which a reasonable person would describe as “evil” or “full of hate”.

Maybe you need to cool down a little? :wink:

@Elguero: “I will never forget the evil he has written.”

Please be more tolerant. If Eugeny40 said something you not like it doesnt mean "hate" or "evil" against you. I participated in these conversation and noticed nothing wrong. May be problem in your attitude. Or maybe it because of Eugeny40 is Russian? I dont think it would interfere in our “exchange of views”.

Really Eugeny40 was not calm then you said offensive things. And what?

Would you want to block me when I accused you saying “You a terrible liar”?


What makes you so sure that “Evgueny is full of hate.”? And what makes you call his words “evil” and “bad people”? Where is the evidence?

I may be wrong but labelling someone so clearly seems to suggest a dualistic world view where people are divided into good or evil. Dualism - Wikipedia

And you are purely good? “I was fair.”

Maybe this accusation is connected to you religion(?). Do you believe in the devil or aliens? Do you believe that they are controlling Evgueny?

Anyway I have read and listened to hours of interviews where Evgueny, and texts made by Evgueny here in And I can say for sure that he is not full of hate. Like I said in one of the previous posts, I have learnt so much Russian from his lessons, but also I have learnt other things from him. Not that I always agree with him.

I think it was kind of silly of Evgueny to say that you are a CIA guy or something. Although it’s not impossible.

There is something funny (James Bondっぽい) about this situation. You coming to Easter Europe and calling a Russian a bad person. Yesterday I was giggling in the shower and saying to myself ‘I can’t believe there is a mini cold war in the Lingq forum’.

Elguero and Evgueny should do a bro down like this: - YouTube

Personally I’m very careful when it comes to labelling others or myself. For many reasons.

You seem to say that you will never forget Evgueny. It’s up to you but, in general, some say that not forgiving creates much more damage do the world than the actual damage that upset us in the first place.


@elguero - just don’t participate in the forum here, or at least avoid the idiotic political threads. For example, I won’t even come back here and check responses to this post. I un-check the deceptive “watch thread” box, and never know what happens here after that.