How do I block someone?

I’ve never had to do this on any other forum, but I’ve got someone who just won’t leave me alone. Is there a way to block or ignore them?

No need to block me for my courtesy message that 3 Chinese fonts are available. You don’t own this thread, either - it’s a COMMUNITY forum. You’re a big boy, if you are unable to take down my innocent post, I will do it for you.

We’re done. Over and out. Good riddance.

The holy scripture says that if you say “lalalala I can´t hear you” 6 times in front of a mirror, the mirror will answer “But who am I?” and then you can say the name of the Lingq-user who you want to block.


I am pretty sure it’s not possible to block somebody, but you can certainly ignore them if you want.

As ColinJohnstone says, there isn’t currently a way to block other users on the site.