How do I block a member?

A member just started following me, and I can tell by the profile that he is not here for language learning. How do I block him?


There are a lot of them hahah

(I don’t know how to post images here)

I have the same problem with another profile, and would also like to know how to block someone…

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What could be wrong with someone following us ? I mean as long they don’t flood our mail box and wall.
Also - where is it written that people working in some kind of sex industry can’t learn languages ?

Likely not a real user, but a spam bot of sorts. I (and probably many, many others) received the same or simliar follower today. I’d hope they could be reported here and removed.


I’ve reported two of them to support this evening.

What are you saying, that there really aren’t Russian beauties looking for a western man right now in my zip code? That’s the whole point of me being here on LingQ! So that someday I wouldn’t have to rely on such sites! :slight_smile:

I got this one:

dianulyte LT 323 — Young decent young girls seek out a partner to meet and stand waiting for you here.

Native Language:
Total Activity Score:
20 Member Since:
November 4, 2011 Conversations Hosted:
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heuheuheuh, sounds genuine

Let me make this worthwhile by trying to translate this blasphemy into some languages I know:

“Young decent young girls seek out a partner to meet and stand waiting for you here.”

“Soy un mujer joven buscando un marido y estoy aqui esperando por ti. (marido would probably not be the right word here :P)”



Thanks for reporting this spam accounts everyone. I’ve already removed lot of them and I am removing rest of it now.


and another one Login - LingQ

Please remove/block from my profile the : stephane83220 and xujie8410

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More here…

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this one offers Russian girlfriends - please delete this account too

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Some more of them here