How do I apply a coupon for the renewal of the subscription?

I want to renew for one more year (maybe even two more years), but it only lets me redeem the coupon when I choose to change plan to 2 years, and even after that, when I’ve confirmed everything, it says that when the change of plans will take place, they will bill me the whole price.

I wanted to renew for one more year with a coupon and now I will be charged with two more years without any discount. How can I change that?

Also, is it true that if you change to the free plan you lose all your previous Lingqs?

I checked your account and I can confirm that you did apply the coupon successfully. Your account is scheduled to change to 24-month plan on your next renewal date (August 13th) and you will get the discounted price.

Regarding keeping your data, you can activate the Vacation plan and keep data saved for as long as you want for only $2/month.