How do i adjust my "words of reading" count?

I hope this isn’t too stupid a question. Do I just manually raise it? Or is there something in the system to indicate the amount of words in a given text?

Again, sorry if I’m being a little slow.


There are two ways to increase the “words of reading” count.

  1. When you read something outside of the Lingq system, you can go to your profile page and manually add the number of words read, if you like.

  2. When you read something in Lingq, you adjust the “words read” on the lesson page. Click on the task tab, and use the arrows to tell they system how many times you read the lesson. The system automatically figures how many words should be added to your words read count.

you can manually adjust the number of words read! or the number of times they heard the same content

thanks guys : )