How do delete a double post

Could one of the administrators please help me delete a double post in the Italian forum? I’m afraid I don’t know how to do that. I posted a rather lengthy entry on 4 April. I then edited it but somehow I messed up and my entry was posted twice (with both the edited and the unedited one being displayed in the forum). Could someone please delete the post of 4 April, 07:53 am (it is the second version of the long entry)? It is kind of confusing to see both entries and I guess other users may find it annoying. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

If the tech crew can’t do this, you could always edit them so one contains the relevant info and the other has the “Edit: double post” (or similar).

As Jeff says, it’s best to just edit the second post. There is not yet a simple way to delete individual posts.

ad jeff and alex: Thanks a lot for your your help. I just noticed I should have edited the title of this entry as well :wink: Of course I meant to so “How do you delete a double post?” :wink: I have edited the first entry, so I’ll just add a note to the second entry as suggested by Jeff.