How did you learn english?

i have been learning english language for along time …sometimes i feel confused when i get phrases or words it sounds simple but i could not get the meaning …i hear alot about LISTENING LISTENING
is the key and yes i agree with that …but some times i need to know what i get from my listening to
different topics i wanna know how much i improved …
but the good things i could read faster than before …i wanna you to share me your experinces may be we can get some points from each other

Just listening is not enough. You need to combine it with reading and vocabulary review and the occasional review of grammar.Why not try creating LingQs to see if things improve for you after a few months.

sorry but could you please explain to because i did not get your point for creating lingqs???

Hello Mr Steve . My name is Agustin , I am from Mexico. I have lived one month in United State, I live with my family but everyone speak spanish. I want practice most the language as writing as speak. I am by going to school " EVANS" in Los Angeles, mondey to friday five hours a day. I am feel very slow, Which would your recommened? . I met you on the internet today , You are a good samaritan. Thanks.

You just need review all kind of things that you are learning because your brain just can memorize somethig if you have a lot of exposure.

In my case I spent a long time to start speak english because I did not knew that I neeeded combine listening,reading and review.
When you start do it I sure that your english will improve a lot.

agustin, you should do a lot of listening and reading and vocabulary review here using the LingQ method and then choose one or more tutors for online discussions. Good luck.

At this stage of learning, you should not really worry about writing or speaking at all. Just accumulate a lot of understandable input. How about starting from listening to Voice of America or Eslpod or Lingq podcasts. They are easier to understand and cater to the needs of learning American English. Afterwards, you can gradually work your way up and tackle more advanced stuff. So, have patience and keep at it.

For learn is important read and read