How come this feature is not available on LingQ yet?

How come this feature is not available on LingQ yet? I would like to know why it’s not accessible or, if it is, how to access it. I’m currently learning Russian and have a daily limit of 15 words. I wish to read a specific text on LingQ without those words counting towards my limit. Even if I don’t know a word, I’d like to be able to read the text without it affecting my daily count. I want the ability to read these texts, translate words by clicking on them, but not necessarily add them to my list of known words. Does this feature exist on LingQ? If it doesn’t exist, PLEASE, implement it! It would make LingQ 100% perfect and be the icing on the cake!

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Spend the money to get unlimited access. It’s well worth the price!


I think I wasn’t clear. I have an annual subscription to LingQ. When I mentioned a limit of 15 words, I meant that I personally prefer not to learn more than 15 words per day. It’s not about the platform having a limit, but rather my own preference. What I suggested was to implement a feature for reading texts without automatically adding known words. I want to add words manually to avoid disrupting my progress.

You can disable “Paging moves to known” option under Settings > Reader. That will prevent blue words to be made known automatically when you switch between pages.

Interesting approach, but for me I consume a lot of input in order to learn frequently used words. Personally, I would not choose to limit the input except to choose input at the appropriate ratio of new, lingqed, and known to achieve “comprehensible” input.

Zoran, once again, you’re saving the day for the ‘language simps’ at LingQ. Thank you so much, man!