How can I write in Japanese

I have started learning Japanese and I wondered how to use Katakana, Hiragana or even Kanji for writing in this forum.

I cannot find any virtual keyboard or anything, and I will have the same problem with other languages like Korean and Chinese.

As many of you have already posted in Hiragana and Katakana I am aware that I am obviously missing something.

Check the following website and find out how to type Japanese.

Good luck! がんばって日本語で書いてみてください。

Thank you,

Oh this looks pretty complicated, and seems if I need something like this for the other languages as well. Not that easy as I imagined.

Ok I got it, そうですね thanks again not that difficult after all.

It shouldn’t be difficult at all.
Go to your computer’s control panel,and install the Japanese language pack,then you can type in Japanese
using romaji phonetics,not needing to know the keys on a Japanese keyboard.

I already figured out how to type. And you are right it is pretty easy, thank you again

I wonder if anyone would recommend a different input method than the IME that came with Windows? Well, it served the basic functions, but I wonder if there are better input methods for Japanese out there that I don’t know of? Just as how the Windows IME for Chinese was too limited in its functions, many people such as I downloaded other software to type Chinese, so I thought it could be the case for Japanese, too.

Edit: Never mind, I’m trying out Google input and I’m liking it better.