How can I use more links without paying :)

hello everybody.
actually i wonder if i can create more links more than 100 .
frankly now i’m not in the position to pay extra money other than school.
can i exhange my points into lingqs ??

For the time being you can always delete a few lingqs in order to stay below the 100 limit.

If you have 1000 points every month, you may be able to buy a basic membership.

i thought i wouldn’t work this way.saneT thank you so much …

But I think buy a basic membership is the only way to create more links. This is a wonderful site for language learning and the price of a basic membership is quite cheap just 10 dollars. So think about it .

10 dollars a month

Enler sigaraya 100 lira veririz. 10 dolar linqe vermeyiz :smiley: :smiley: If you have low income :slight_smile: just remove the old lingqs and then create new ones, which is a way to do it but not good…

If you have to keep deleting your LingQs you lose one of the big advantages of this system. After a few months of basic membership you will have thousands of saved LingQs which will keep appearing in new content you study… you see the words in new and different contexts and that’s how you learn them. Then your hard work really pays off.

furkan seni anlıyorum.ancak eğer öğrenciysen para yetiştiremezsin.
benim gelirim yok. olsa eyvallah kanka :slight_smile: ben de isterdim upgrade yapmak .ama kader :smiley:
bu arada sigarada içmiyorum :slight_smile: ama saol … bu site harika dimi ? yeni keşfettim malesef .
muthiş bişey yaa. adamlara helal olsun .

well guys thanks for your thoughts .I appreciate it and i’ll think about it.

Bende öğrenci olduğumdan aynen, temel seviye devam :slight_smile: Önceden sınır mınır bir şey yoktu sonradan hırs bürüdü gözlerini :slight_smile: Valla ne deyim ondan sonra bende siteden soğudum. Because as Jamie said, if you keep deleting the lingqs that you made up, it will not appear highligted in the new contents, which is going to diminish the efectiveness of this program very much.

The idea of wanting to use more, without paying, ultimately will result in a lower quality for everyone.

There is a lot of work that goes into putting up sites such this. In addition, there is a lot of extremely useful language learning information and advice put up by Steve in his own time for the benefit of many others - possibly the best and most relevant information available on the internet for progressing efficiently in language learning. What price should we put on that?

@Pierre I have followed your appearance and disappearance here for quite a while now and am entertained by your comments. You sometimes seem to want to bite the hand that feeds you.

One of these days you may learn that we value most the things for which we have to work (or pay). I am not talking about the priceless smile of child or the wagging tail of a puppy! Human beings tend to cheapen free offers in their mind, they lose ‘value’ to them. There’s always the danger that by constantly ‘cheapening’ ourselves we may end up being cheap.

My paying is a sign of my appreciation of the work that the LingQ team and members are putting into this site.

Remember, good content can earn points and points can be converted. So, please do not imply that only money talks.

Pierre, do you live with your parents?

“Good contents will stay in lingq forever,” Really? Your parents are paying for the server and the programmers?

You are right. But I am still asking.

I understand why some people cannot pay. 10 dollars might mean something different to people who live, for example, in Turkey, or India, or Ukraine. It might even be more than you can pay if you are in the States/Canada/UK/etc and are unemployed. I personally think that as learning sites go, LingQ offers quite a bit to people with free accounts – you basically have a huge library of audio content with transcripts.

But arguments like ‘why pay someone for a job he likes to do’ are strange. Does your plumber like the work he does? Maybe not, doesn’t mean you don’t pay him for fixing your drain. Even if everyone working for LingQ adore what they do, they still need to eat. Of course, it’s your choice if you want to pay or not, I just think that even if you do not pay, you should appreciate the work that goes into maintaining the site.

I am sure the food was grown by a very happy and fulfilled farmer who would do it for nothing.

I kind of see your point. But I think the following saying will sort out your confusion. “Money is a lousy fuel, but a necessary lubricant.”

Nobody forces you to use LingQ, or to pay for it. I don’t see the point. How can you still complain about something and want to use it at the same time?

what alchymyst said is i think right. 10 dollars mean cheap . that’s true. but maybe not for me . maybe not for a friend from anywhere.
because maybe I don’t have an income . maybe I have many expenses that don’t leave a buck in my pocket.
but the thing is there was no need for argument.I asked not because i wanted to use something for free when it wasn’t .
I wanted to know if there was anything I can do (Like earn points and exchange them into lingqs) other than use my credit card.
the reason is up there. and that’s to say I appreciate the programmers of this site.
anyone who doesn’t wanna pay can use the system limitedly for free . fair enough
thank you all for the concern :slight_smile:

In order to benefit from the system, you need more than 100 LingQs for sure.

You can use the basic membership while you can still pay the $10 per month. Then when you get tight in your budget, downgrade it to free membership. You can still enjoy your >100 LingQs, only that you cannot add more.

Then when you have $10 again, upgrade your membership back to basic.