How can I use a podcast to learn on Lingq?

Is it possible to use a podcast without its transcript?

I think that a podcast without transcript is useless on Lingq.


You need text to create a lesson on LingQ. Audio is optional, but audio without text is not possible. Just listen to your podcast in your normal way using your podcast app, and then add the time listened to LingQ manually if keeping stats is important to you. If you don’t have the transcript, then the only difference between listening on LingQ or not is the automatic addition to your listening stats.

Of course, you can just listen to some podcasts without using the transcript.
But in this way you limit your opportunities to learn new words and new constructions.
But such a method can be reasonable:

  1. you listen to a new podcast without reading to receive a general impression.
  2. you listen and you read the podcast to make new lingqs and to understand some difficult places in the text. listen to the podcast again without looking at the transcript to check your comprehension.
    In this case, using the podcast without the transcript can be justified.
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