How can I upload this audio book from youtube

How can I upload this audio book from youtube always get errot

Hi, pixla!

You can’t. With a length of about 8 hours, the audiobook is way too long.
Either find a YT version that has already been broken down into smaller parts (less than 54 minutes each), or create smaller parts yourself using a program like Audacity.

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Thank you for response. I don’t get it. You mean basically authors Lingq make limitation for import contain?

Yes, there’s a restriction on the length (about 54 min) of the YT videos that you can import into LingQ. And the same logic applies to audiobooks on YT, too.

As I wrote before, find a corresponding version of the audiobook with “parts” or split the audiobook yourself into parts of less than 54 min each. After that you can start in LingQ.


  1. Download the audiobook on your computer by using an online video downloader. For example using this link (for your audiobook) YouTube Downloader - Download Youtube videos for free!
  2. Convert the mp4 file into an mp3 file: MP4 to MP3 (Online & Free) — Convertio
  3. Split the long mp3 file into smaller parts by using one of the following audio tools, for example:Best Free Audio Tools for Splitting Up Large Files

Thank you for your solution. But I mean this website should save your time, instead create obstacles for upload. I like this video which I’ve uploaded because it has already subtitled with diacritics [not autogenerate].

Btw, is it okay to download videos in your computer esp in Germany due to copyright laws? A tenant by mistake downloaded a video of xxx in his computer and he got a fine. When I was sharing a wifi from one of my tenants he made sure that I would not do such a thing.
It is like a gentle reminder just to be sure. So is it okay to download audiobook on your computer from youtube?

I would say it’s depends on country. You can you VPN

I am not sure why the video / audio length is 54 min, it could probably be 90 min. But, if LingQ users were constantly importing very long audio and / or video files, i.e. many GBs, the corresponding import and conversion processes would probably slow down the whole system a lot.
Yes, this decision means a bit less comfort for the individual user, but for the good of the overall system this technical decision makes sense!

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Hi, Asad!

You’re absolutely right to ask that question!
I’m no legal expert on this matter, but my understanding is as follows:

  • There are Google’s / Youtube’s terms of service
    “you may not download any other content from the platform really for any use whatsoever. Now doing so though, doesn’t make it illegal, it just means that Google has the right to terminate your account if they catch you doing it and feel like that’s necessary to do. However, it is illegal for reasons bigger than Google really.” (How To Legally Download YouTube Videos wjith highlighting by me).

So, importing Youtube videos / audios into LingQ is a grey area reg. YT’s terms of service. But, there’s also a service like “Youtube Premium (aka: Youtube Red)” (see again:: How To Legally Download YouTube Videos).

  • if you download / import into LingQ and / or share copyrighted material (e.g. audiobooks) , you could face serious legal problems, especially in the EU, where data protection is stricter than in other parts of the world.

  • Reg. the audiobook the OP wanted to import:
    I have no idea if it’s copyrighted or not, but I don’t want to download or import it into LingQ. This decision is completely up to the OP.

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Thanks for your clarification. Read up on YT’s terms and conditions. It is better not to use these copyrighted materials on a third party platform like LingQ.

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