How can I upload an ebook

I have ebooks in my iBook app from iPhone or Kindle, can I upload it to LingQ?
also, can I download my lessons to my iPod or iPhone? How?


Hi hpailles!

If I am not mistaken, you can not upload ebooks from mobile devices - only from your pc. It is quite easy actually. Just use that plus button in the upper right corner, but, firstly, you should remove any protection of your ebooks if they have it. In case they’re protected, you can find a thread on the Lingq forum, there’s gotta be an explanation on how to remove that.

I wish you well.

@hpailles just go to the language page you are using - I believe in your case that would be French - then click on the + sign on the top right corner, and then choose upload ebook to grab your ebook file. Some tips:

  1. Use books in epub format whenever possible, they are better than pdf
  2. rename the file to something short. My experience is that lingq won’t upload it if the file name is to big
  3. remember that, besides books, you can also upload web pages (wikipedia, newspaper articles, etc) by using the chrome extension LingQ Importer - Chrome Web Store

I have the same question. I have Ebooks through Amazon. I have tried things like Calibre. And I was never able to get the book off of the Amazon reading app on my Mac. If someone knows can you please explain to me how to do it.

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