How can I transfer the points I promised?

I just had two comments following my request for two comments on my French pronunciation. I was able to ‘pay’ Serge, but not @Elward.

I offered 430 points in total (which were deducted from my account when I posted the request) to be split between two people. How can I transfer the 215 to @Elward? Since my account is now empty and the 215 points are somewhere in the system, would you be able to ‘pay’ him for me?

Many thanks.

@SanneT - It sounds like Elward didn’t submit a response through the system but rather posted a comment. Any responses (not comments) will have a button next to them which you can click to award points. To submit a response, users need to click the button next to the request, not just post their response as a comment. If you can link me to the request I can confirm whether or not this is the case.

Please ignore my previous post, I have now worked out how to do it. It seems that @Elward didn’t submit his correction properly and that is why there was no button to click next to his comment.

I’ll sort out how to pay my debt to him the minute I have more points. (Posts comment and hurries to Accounts page to buy points…)