How can I transfer points to another lingq member?

I want to transfer my lingq points to someone else. How to do that? P.S. Does the expiration term get reset for the person receiving it?

You can’t transfer them on your end, but please message me on support(at)lingq,com , let me know how many points you want to transfer and to what user and I’ll take care of it for you.

I tried to message you in email, but for some reason a spam filter in my providers care refuses to send it, tagging it as spam or forbidden or such.

Could you please send all points I have to ChristianTapper? Most or all of my points are to expire soon and I have no use for them. He does.

Also, I had a query in PS: could you answer that one too?

Sure, points transferred.
Yes, if users has activity with his points, they won’t expire. In this case, they won’t expire for users who received them from you, since they are considered as newly acquired.

tanks! He received them.