How Can I Store All My LingQ Recordings In One Folder Using Ibooks?

I’m probably being stupid here but I when I download LingQ recordings as a ‘music’ file to my Ipod it stores them all in one single folder so they play one after the other without me having to do anything, I created a playlist in ‘Music’ and they’re all in that folder and play together no problem.

One thing that frustrated me was that the ‘Music’ app on the Ipod doesn’t have a skip back 15 seconds function so I have to keep my finger on the rewind button and it’s difficult to judge how far it’s skipped back. To get around this I changed all the file types to ‘audiobook’ so they now appeared in the ‘IBooks’ app (which has the skip functionality). Thing is, they’re all now in separate folders as you can see from the screenshot:

Do I need to rename all the folders manually so they’re all the same? If so, what am I renaming? Just the folder name? Or like the author too?


I don’t use iTunes or an iPod, but I guess it has to do with the mp3 audio tags of your files. You could check them to see if this makes sense.

I am using iTunes and audiobooks but on a Mac and in German so bear with me.

  1. What you are seeing are different albums, not folders (although the symbol suggests folders). => Select all of them (ctrl + A works fine), right click and choose “information” or “Get info”. You’ll then be asked if you really want to edit information for all of them. Say yes and in the new dialog window change the name of the album. Click OK.
  2. You should now see less albums than before, all with the same name. Now it’s time to tackle the second row underneath. This is the author or artist. Select all or those you want to group together and repeat the process, only this time changing the author/artist.

You can, of course, do both steps at the same time if you want all your files in one album.

Depending on how organised your audio files were before you’ll probably need to edit information for a couple or all of them if you want to keep them from being jumbled up in your playlist.

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Thank you so much. :slight_smile: