How can I share content with my group only?

I have a group of students. We have a private group just for us, thanks to LingQ.

How can I share content withing the group?

Hi Ruslan,
After you import a lesson, on the bottom of Import/Edit Lesson page you will notice option to change it’s status from Private to Shared.
After you change its status to “Shared”, before you Save it look at the top of the page and you will notice a new tab which appeared there called “Membership Groups” on that tab you will be able to select to share your lesson with your group only. After that Save the lesson at that’s it! It will be imported and shared only with members of your group.

Hope this helps!

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How do I create a group here in the first place to share lessons with someone? I have tried to look around the page but cannot see anything like create a group. Also when following your instructions I cannot see the new tab ‘membership groups’ after selecting share

Yea, I was wondering that too.

Only group supervisors can share the content with their groups. Group supervisors are usually teachers who have their students at LingQ and they share specific learning material with them only.
For now only support staff can create group and make someone supervisor for it. If you have any request related to it, you can contact us on support(at)

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