How can I set the target language of google translate?

My native language is Chinese. How can I google translate text into Chinese in LingQ. Now it’s English.

You can change your dictionary language under the Settings button (gear icon) on the home page, right next to the tabs. In the settings popup click on the Reader Settings tab and that’s where you can change it.

Here is the screenshot:

Under “Dictionary Languages”, I have, in this order, English, Chinese, Japanese. Is it the first one used as the target language for Google translate? I don’t know how to reorder them. I removed English from the list but the Google translate is still in English.

Just make Chinese your first choice, select it on the top and you will see user hints/google translate in Chinese.

I changed it but it doesn’t take effect. I recorded the process. Please take a look.

Can you please give it another try? Chinese should be set as your main dictionary language now.

Google Translate then translates your words in the target language… The app will display and speak their phrase in your set language. Check out How To Contribute to Google Translate - translatehub to know more.