How can I set google translate as one of the dictionaries?

I’ve just started using Lingq studying Greek, and there are only two dictionaries I can select:

  • Greek Monolinqual dictionary (popup)
  • Greek Wiktionary
    many many words do not have any suggestion for a translation, I would simply like to use google translate and connect it directly, but I can’t find any way to do this. I’ve installed the chrome Lingq extenstion in my browser.
    Thank you for any suggestions!

Google Translate should be already available for all study languages and language combinations. What language combination do you need it for? Let me know and I’ll check.

Thank you, I’d like to use it for Greek/English language, but can’t figure out how to set this up.

Looks like you actually had Greek selected both as your study language and dictionary language and that’s why you had issues. I have just changed your dictionary language to English, so you should see Google Translate as a dictionary option now under the dictionaries list.

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Hi Zoran, wow what a difference, thank you for solving this. Had not understood this setup, much appreciated!

@Zoran, one more question, are you helping out as a member of the community or are you kind of helpdesk for this platform? I’m trying to get my head around how this platform works, I can’t find a help/support function which is why I used this community wall. Also wanted to ask this question 1-on-1 but can’t find an option to send a message other than sharing it in the whole community… Thanks! Danny

If you are on the browser (on desktop), you should see a blue circle in the lower righthand corner with a question mark inside it. I see it on both the Community “tab” (you should see it currently if you’re reading this). It’s on the Lessons “tab” as well. I assume it’s basically on every page if you’re on the website. Looks like there is quite a lot of information.

Thank you, yes there is and this is where I looked first but didn’t read anything about the difference between study language and dictionary language, nor anything how to reach a support helpdesk. There’s only so much a standardized q&a tool can answer, as I pay for this platform I would expect to be able to contact a support person.

Under “Getting Started”->“New Learner Guide” it has the support email near the bottom. zoran monitors the discussion boards as well.

Also near the bottom of the “New Learner Guide” is a knowledge base link:

I typed in search “dictionary” and this was at the top of the results:

How do I change/add my dictionary language? - LingQ Knowledge Base (

Actually, looks like if you type dictionary in the main help function search box it comes up with the same. Obviously though, if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, the forums where zoran or someone will answer. Or the support email.

@dannytouw If you have any questions, you can always reach me at support(at) and I will gladly assist. :slight_smile:

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thank you! all clear now!

Umm… Google translate isn’t very accurate so I wouldn’t rely on it if I were you. I would suggest word reference.

thank you

Thanks for advice! To be honest, I haven’t used Google Translate for learning foreign languages for a long time. It seems to me that in our time you can find a better way to solve such problems. I recently found a great translation service with many languages and features. For example, you can even translate english to uzbek Translate English to Uzbek online | without losing quality. It is very important for me. After all, I often have to work with foreign texts and it’s very cool that the meaning is not lost during translation.

Hello Zoran, can you set me Glosbe and Google Translate spanish - serbian, french - serbian and german - serbian?

@mihajlot Sure thing, done!

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Hello @zoran, can you please set Glosbe and Google Translate for following combintions:

  • russian - serbian,
  • hungarian - serbian,
  • turkish - serbian and
  • portuguese - serbian ?